About Tara Merkt

I was inspired to become an artist because of my Mother.  When I was a child she was getting her associates degree in graphic arts.  I was able to go along with her to many of her classes during that time.  I always remember looking at all the art she and her classmates created thinking that I want to do that someday.  So when it came to choosing a degree the definite choice for me was Studio Arts, but I knew that success in the field was difficult.  So I decided to major in studio arts and minor in psychology so that I could continue on and get my Masters in Art Therapy.  Life didn't ultimately lead me into Art Therapy as a career, but Art was always there. 

I was introduced to scratchboard art by seeing a display at Blick Art Materials.  Someone within the store had taken a small, and I mean SMALL... maybe 1"x1", sample of scratchboard and created a profile drawing of a man.  I was curious what they had used and asked about the medium.  I decided to bring some home and try it.  I have been hooked ever since.